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Open source maps are tools that collaborative and free geographic technologies offer to and which benefit the different actors in a community. Under the coordination of MapaNica (OpenStreetMap Nicaragua) and with UNICEF support, various mappings have been carried out in Nicaragua that allow different local actors, public institutions, civil society organizations and universities to use the same geographic information to work on any issue of interest to them.


  • From Oct 2014
  • Up Mar 2015
  • Stage Finalizado
  • Reto: #Laboratorio de Innovación
  • Place Bilwi y Bluefields

General Description

MapaNica, the Nicaraguan chapter of OpenStreetMap, is a community of geographic information enthusiasts that have opted to use new free technologies. It is a very diverse group that includes professional cartographers, companies, non-profit organizations, programmers, students from various degree courses, and other citizens that use the participatory tools to help gather geographic information.
The MapaNica community aims to create and distribute the best map of Nicaragua without any restrictions and in a collaborative and free way.

With support from UNICEF Nicaragua and in alliance with different local actors, members of the MapaNica community created base maps of the cities of Bilwi in Nicaragua’s Northern Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region (RACCN) and Bluefields in the Southern Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region (RACCS).

This initiative is committed to generating knowledge and encouraging innovation among different actors. It also aims to promote the participation of children as thinkers and as people with the potential to change their surroundings.

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Wanda Obando: Officer responsible for WASH in schools, UNICEF Nicaragua (

Oscar Urbina: UNICEF UNV in Bluefields (

Anielka Jirón: UNICEF communication assistant (

Felix Delattre: Coordinator of MapaNica (

Eduardo Mayorga Téllez: collaborator with the free software community and with MapaNica (

Lucy Medina: communicator and MapaNica collaborator (


About MapaNica

The OpenStreetMap initiative is a free technology platform created with the purpose of sharing geographic data for community use. OpenStreetMap involves different collaborators at the global level and started up in 2004 in England. The Nicaraguan chapter of this initiative is MapaNica, which is made up of a group of young people from the free software community.

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I want to impact other people’s lives and change the world

Seventeen-year-old Eduardo Mayorga Téllez defines himself as an adolescent who is open to exploring new things. He remembers as though it were yesterday that when he was eight he asked ...

Bluefields has its first collaborative map

*Through the use of free technologies Bluefields- Free geodata technologies have been used to map the city of Bluefields in the Southern Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region (RACCS). This initiative strengthened ...

Young people from Bluefields looking for solutions through mapping and free technologies

*This initiative will allow them to take ownership of their own environment. Bluefields, March 25. The collaborative OpenStreetMap project, whose goal is to create a free map of the world, ...

How to make a community map

Free geodata technologies were used to map the city of Bluefields in Nicaragua’s Southern Caribbean Autonomous Region (RACCS). This initiative included the participation of children and of students and teachers ...

Community maps: A tool for children’s participation

The MapaNica team facilitated a workshop for fifth-grade students at the Denmark School, which allowed them to learn about the utility of maps both for reaching a certain place and ...

Adolescent participation in the workshops

Adolescents familiarized themselves with a new way of perceiving their space based on the creation of a map of the Beholden neighbourhood and used it to express the perception of ...


Iniciativa MapaNica

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