MUKUL and UNICEF launch Tola Conecta for a responsible tourism

Tola Conecta is a community social platform created in the setting of the Sociopreneur Initiative, which outlines the creation of a model of responsible tourism focusing on children’s well-being through social businesses.

Managua.– In February, Mukul Beach Golf & Spa received almost 50 inhabitants of Tola to launch the platform Tola Conecta in the context of the Initiative of the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) in Nicaragua: Sociopreneur. Among the participants were members of: Tola (Rivas)’s mayor’s office, students, groups of women, artists, small business owners, together with a first group of Tola’s Friends (Amigos de Tola) from Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Spain and the United States.

Tola Conecta is a social community platform that proposes to promote responsible tourism towards children, managed by social entrepreneurs of Tola municipality (Rivas). “The alliance between Mukul Beach Golf & Spa and UNICEF is looking for a collaboration to create a model of regional tourism respectful towards Children’s Rights, in particular to prevent children and adolescents’ sexual exploitation” said Philippe Barragne-Bigot, UNICEF Representative in Nicaragua.

Tola Conecta will be a host for tourists invited to Tola. “Visitors come to Mukul looking for positive experiences”, mentioned Claudia Silva, Mukul Beach Golf & Spa’s Marketing and Public Relations Director. Tola Conecta has to take advantage of this tendency to impulse a model through which the community itself can chose the type of tourist it wishes, like a person can choose who to invite for dinner. “But it needs bravery to tell a tourist that he/she is not advisable” added Claudia during the workshop organised by Policy Lab.

Social entrepreneurship for the children

Tola Conecta will also support the creation of an enterprising ecosystem to motivate social businesses that would impact children. The Sociopreneur Initiative is working with almost 30 local business owners on various topics, from an English academy for vulnerable children, to the creation of a touristic road “Tola’s girlfriend” (“La Novia de Tola”).

Nevertheless, to reach these initiatives in a sustainable way, “a supporting network is necessary in the own community because lots of entrepreneurs break up because they are not supported, not because they don’t have money” explained Natalia Adler, UNICEF Nicaragua’s Social Policies Chief. As part of the process, the participants have created a Facebook page called “Amigos de Tola”, to build connections between local entrepreneurs and the world.

“We all agreed how to do the job” said Doña Lupe, El Tambo community’s leader and Tola Conecta’s ad honorem Director, highlighting the spirit of shared responsibility that characterized this social entrepreneurship platform.

The intense working week ended with the first pilot tour of “La Novia de Tola”. Although it is not yet opened to the public, “Tola is already a reality” as said Cesar Lumby, teacher and entrepreneur.


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