Children and their families face many challenges, particularly in resource-limited
areas. UNICEF and its partners develop innovative solutions to improve their lives.


Premio Nacional de Comunicación por los Derechos de la Niñez: “70 años por una Niñez sin Violencia”

Descargá la ficha de inscripción para participar en el concurso Premio Nacional de Comunicación por los Derechos de la Niñez: “70 años por una Niñez sin Violencia”: Formulario Concurso Nacional de Comunicacion by UNICEF Nicaragua on Scribd

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Propuestas innovadoras para los problemas que afectan a la niñez y adolescencia en Laguna de Perlas

*16 niñas, niños y adolescentes aportaron a las propuestas. Laguna de Perlas, RACCS.- Un campamento de innovación social para diseñar soluciones innovadoras a problemas que afectan el cumplimiento de los derechos de la niñez y adolescencia se llevó a cabo en el municipio de Laguna de Perlas, en la Región ...

“I’ve had the chance to do more things thanks to being in the Network”

By Marta García Terán.- Joshy Cutbert was 16 years old when she discovered that training sessions were being prepared for the Network of Child and Adolescent Communicators for the Prevention of Sexual Abuse through Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the city of Bluefields, where she was born and grew ...

I can do many things

By Marta García Terán.- Dilon William Knowles is 13 years old and lives in Bilwi in Nicaragua’s Northern Caribbean Autonomous Region (RACCN). He speaks forcefully when talking about the prevention of sexual abuse. “Some fathers and mothers think their children are lying and that isn’t the case,” he says, reflecting ...

You learn more when you’re having fun

By Marta García Terán.- The words of 18-year-old Talía Waleska González Garth are enormously powerful and optimistic. “We can do anything we want to,” she says while explaining that she started the technical laboratory course in the Bilwi School of Nursing this year. “The course lasts for three years and ...


UNICEF share challenges and projects to enable knowledge sharing and collaboration in
support of innovation for children.

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Curso en albañilería y fontanería para adolescentes

Building and plumbing course for adolescents

Botellas plásticas recicladas como material alternativo de contrucción

Recycled plastic bottles as an alternative material for construction

Pensamiento de Diseño para la niñez

Design Thinking for Children